End of Term TOGA PARTY

When you think of Ancient Greece….you immediately think of the TOGA!


Made famous in the late 70’s by the National Lampoons Animal House movie starring John Belushi (still worth a download despite the age). Toga Parties have become a long standing tradition among University groups across the world. Stone Cutters are all about celebrating traditions so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the end of third term is likely going to be the largest TOGA PARTY you will ever attend.


The deal for members is also a good one, be in before 10:30pm on the night to receive a very exclusive ‘GREEK GOD VIP CARD’.  This is your chance to actually drink like a ‘GOD’ or ‘GODESS’ as this card will entitle the bearer to cheap $4.00 spirits right up until 12:30am. 


The Bluestone venue will also be going back to the time of Ancient Greece with both the top and middle levels transformed into a one night only Greek Palace. Ancient Pillars, Hanging Gardens, Clouds, Giant wall hangings, just to name a few small items...if you saw this last year then you will know that it is something very unique. Of course it only seems like a trip back in time if everyone gets on board with the theme, so get your TOGA’s out people!

Now you can invest in an expensive outfit or simply grab a white sheet off your bed….it doesn’t matter, just don’t miss your chance to dress up!


 There won’t be pre-sold tickets to this event so just rock up ready to go.  There will be tickets on sale for Oktoberfest though so keep an eye out for a possible early bird offer if you want to save some cash here.



- The 11th Annual End of Term TOGA PARTY

- Wednesday 18th Sept (Week 8)
- Hosted @The Bluestone Nightclub

- Doors Open: 8:00pm
- Members: $15 | Non $20
- Free GREEK GOD VIP CARD if in b4 10:30pm (entitles the bearer to $4.00 spirits until 12:30am)

- - Food available from 9pm to 11pm.
- DRESS Theme: TOGA or Ancient Greece


PLEASE NOTE: This event is not meant to be historically correct we throw parties not history lessons.

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